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My husband and I would like to express our appreciation for your being such a responsible breeder and for always being available to answer our questions regardless of how insignificant they may be. You have always kept us informed and updated on the progress of each of our pups before we actually receive them, which is one of the reasons we have bought four bull terriers over the last nine years from you!!

All of the Boxer Puppies have had the greatest temperament and have been an important part of our family. Everyone that sees our latest pup wants to know where we got him! We cannot thank you enough for providing such wonderful creatures and for being the kind of breeder that we have been able to rely on for many years. I hope that there will be many more Boxer Puppies in my life.

Hi , I just wanted to update you on our bundle of joy:) Chunk is doing great!!! He is such a sweetheart, and growing beautifully. He has turned into our little celebrity, everywhere we go we are stopped. I can’t tell you how much we are in love with him. Baxter and Chunk play constantly, which is the cutest thing ever. He is a growing big boy gained , I wanted to share with you some photos…1st photo was at the airport…

Your puppy Nanny’s are great!! Thank you!
My husband and I have been following your website for about 2 years. We finally decided that it was time to add a new member to our family. We couldn’t be anymore pleased, you have established such a beautiful bloodline. All of your dogs are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Our vet”s initial reaction was “Wow this is a perfect specimen of a Boxer” and we agree! Thank you so much

My experience with Jake Boxer Puppies Home was great from beginning to end. They were very responsive to my first email inquiries and has remained so throughout the adoption process. Jake Boxer Puppies Home was great about providing detailed information about the best plan for my Boxer’s long term care.

including vaccinations, diet, spaying/neutering, and providing a step-by-step guide on house training and the puppy’s first days at its new home. My puppy (CARLIE) was very healthy, happy, and well-adjusted and I could not be more pleased.

I would highly recommend Jake Boxer Puppies Home any time you are looking for a dog or advice on how to raise your pet to live a long and happy life!

We could not have had a better experience selecting a new puppy than with Jake Boxer Puppies Home! Our little Pippa is the love of our lives! She is honestly SUCH a good girl, and was that way from Day 1.

She is always happy, loves to fetch her tennis balls, go for walks around the neighborhood and is a feisty little nugget! She has the best personality, she is super smart and has the most expressive eyes! Everywhere we go with her people can’t believe how cute she is.

From the very beginning Jake was extremely easy to contact if we had any questions at all and made the whole experience of bringing home a new puppy so wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting a Boxer puppy!

It all started with one of Jake perfect fur babies, Miley. In my eyes Miley was THE MOST PERFECT little pup.

Then she had to tell me that Miley”s mom was having another litter, hence came Benji. It wasn’t long after that, when I was told me that Momma was due to have her last litter. It took a lot of convincing my husband, but I finally won.

Then came little Sami. After all of that convincing she turned out to be a Daddy’s girl and won’t leave my husband’s side. My 3 fur babies are the most perfect trio.
Jake not only sold me the dogs, but she is a constant source of information whenever I have a Boxer concern.

I would never think of buying a dog other then a puppy from JAKE BOXER PUPPIES HOME.

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